Saturday, October 24, 2015

The flaw in the new fans : The Doctor is old. Get over it and watch what they do.

As much as I agree that this season has been great, many people I know cannot stand Capaldi. The cute and cuddly Mat Smith and the amazing David Tennant garnered a number of new fans who became enamoured by the two young good looking men who embodied The Doctor. Capaldi has for myself as a fan harkened back to the first Doctor, William Hartnell, though one sees much of John Pertwee as well. Where Tennant and Smith also took from Pertwee it was the hero side similar to Davidson and Baker Doctor's four and five. Capaldi's Doctor is the reluctant hero at first who is slowly becomes the wandering hero. Clara is twelve's observer, handler and link to world of those attached to temporal linear existence. Capaldi's Doctor is an eccentric curmudgeon who is born in confusion and sadness, though the face is familiar. Capaldi's Doctor is difficult and hard to relate to and that fits for a being who is basically immortal. He is removed from the that which restrains those he meets. Those people who will all one day die as he continues to live. Twelve is struggling with focus, constantly drowning in the global view of the situation he enters. It takes him time to get down to the human level whereby he is able to do what is needed to save those he can. So far the journey is far from over and we have yet to see where this is going. Those who have turned off are in one way showing their impatience and in another showing their ignorance. Doctor Who is a show that has a history that many are not willing to involve themselves. A history when what appears as flawed casting, is most obviously homage and good thinking by the writers. The so called flaw in the casting of Peter Capaldi perhaps even points out the flaws of those turning away. Merely preferring a pretty face on the form of a character who is so much older shows the thin vernier of those in the audience who are just watching the eye-candy and not ready for an interaction with the issues of morality, immortality, and travelling in time and space.